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Full Journal of Humanities Therapy Vol. 2 (December 2011)
1~17 Lou Marinoff _ Theory and Practice of Philosophical Counseling
19~53 Zoltán Kövecses _ The Conceptualization of Life and Happiness
55~67 Richard Forestier _ The Conceptual and Methodological Foundations of Art-therapeutics in the Frenc..
69~82 Kathleen Adams _ Journal Therapy as a Pathway to Healing and Growth
83~94 Chan-Jong Lee _ Communication Competence, Empathy, and Self-Esteem
95~121 Leon de Haas _ Encounters and Dialogues: Styles and Levels of Communication in Philosophical Pract..
123~136 Ik-Jin Kim _ The Medicine in the Text of Molière and the Art-therapy in France
137~152 Sherry Reiter _ In the Orchard of Contentment: Planting the Seeds of Poetry Therapy
153~170 Byung-Wook Choi _ The Lack of Communication in a Multicultural Society, its Preventive History The..
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