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Humanities has become an instrument for renewing and promoting professors after the introduction of a market theory into academia. In order to overcome this crisis, the researches on humanities must accompany and alternate with practical activities. Humanities scholars must seek out a new kind of humanities that can guide people to righteous living in a rapidly changing world. An endeavor to draw a new topographic map for Humanities is needed. Moreover, we ought to take interest in returning the academic fruition of Humanities back to the society. When the scholars of humanities come out of their offices and approach people to practice the social aspects of the humanities, the true purpose of humanities will be restored.


The humanities therapy project aims to study wide-ranging theories, methods, and practices to prevent and cure mental and emotional problems. We seek to improve the quality of life by integrating the curative contents of humanities and its related fields.


Sincerely yours,
Eui-Hyeon Nam
Director of Humanities Institute