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Nam-Youn Kim (Director of Humanities Institute,Kangwon National University)

Young E. Rhee (Kangwon National University, Korea)

Editorial Board

Alma Rolfs (National Association for Poetry Therapy, USA)
Amir Lydia (College of Management Academic Studies, Israel)
Bernard Li (Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan)
Brooke Hallowell (Ohio University, USA)
Byoung-Jun Park (Sogang University, Korea)
Cohen Elliot (Indian River State College, USA)
Cristal Huang (Soochow University, Taiwan)
Heebong Choi (Kangwon National University, Korea)
Ikjin Kim (Kangwon National University, Korea)
Kanhaiya Lal Sharma (Society for Philosophical Praxis, India)
Lou Marinoff (City University of New York USA)
Min-Yong Lee (Kangwon National University, Korea)
Naoki Homma (Osaka University, Japan)
Oscar Brenifier (Institut de pratiques philosophiques, France)
Peter Raabe (University of the Fraser Valley, Canada)
Richard Forestier (Universitéte Tours, France)
Sae-Youn Cho (Kangwon National University, Korea)
Sherry Reiter (Creative Righting Center, USA)
Taro Mochizuki (Osaka University, Japan)
Thomas Gutknecht (IGPP, Germany)
Tian-Qun Pan (Nanjing University, China)
Zoltán Kövecses (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)

Editorial Board
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