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1. Organization of Editorial Board

  a. The editor shall be appointed by the director of Humanities Institute.
  b. The editorial board shall be composed of the following members
  b1. Editor
  b2. Board members (from 15 to 25 persons)
  c. The term of the members of editorial board shall be two years.

2. Qualifications of Members of Editorial Board

  a. The editor shall have the following qualifications:
  a1. The editor must have a doctoral degree.
  a2. The editor shall have accumulated research achievements that can be recognized by international societies related to humanities therapy.
  a3. The editor shall appoint the members of editorial board among people with outstanding research performances in the fields of humanities therapy.
  b. The members of editorial board has the following responsibilities.
  b2. To review submitted manuscripts
  b3. To work with the Editor to ensure ongoing development of the journal
  b4. To identify topics for Special Issues of the journal or recommend a Conference which would promote the journal.
  b5. To attract new and established authors and article submissions

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